Episode 141 - Choosing The Mystery Prize - Social Care, EU elections, Sian Norris

Episode 141 - Why are we still nowhere near the political Endgame? When is the end of the long night of British politics? Sadly neither are in sight as everything continues to be boring and terrifying all at once. Tiernan (@tiernandouieb) looks at the EU election candidates for the Brexit Party & Change UK, takes a look at the new social care proposals and talks to Sian Norris (@sianushka) about sexism against female political figures.

Tiernan's show at Machfest on May 4th: https://machcomedyfest.co.uk/show/2019/tiernan-douieb-tiernan-douieb-takes-up-an-hour-of-your-life-that-youll-never-get-back-work-in-progress/

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