Pukapuka Episode – Why books? Feat. Warena, David & Pera (#2)

Showing some pride in the fact we enjoy reading, it’s OK to be a little bit nerdy.— Dave

Nau mai, haere mai, welcome to another episode of Paperback Guerrillas the podcast for mana enhancing kōrero (life-improving conversations) where we talk with people from all walks of life to share their insights, inspiration and tools, to empower everyday people like you and I to turn actions into positive change. In our pukapuka episodes a few of us sit down and discuss a book we’ve enjoyed, break down the kaupapa and talk about applying the book’s messages and lessons in real life. These episodes are a chance to discuss books we hope empower people to live well and be well. In this episode we discuss why those pukapuka episodes are worth recording. Why as Māori especially, it’s worth our time talking more about books, benefits we’ve found from reading, and have a laugh at the same time. We hope you have as much fun listening, as we had recording it.

Show notes:

  • What it was like not having Māori mates who read books growing up and why do we need to role model reading? That’s kind of weird.
  • Why was it scary to talk about books.
  • Having so many negative role models as Māori, and how that influenced us talking about books.
  • How fantasy books can help with our confidence and other unexpected benefits of reading.

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As always, he mihi nui, a big thank you, to Patrick Ryan for the audio magic, and Trek One for the choice intro music (you can hear more of his music on Spotify here.)

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