Paperback Guerrillas

by Paperback Guerrilla Whānau

Nau mai, haere mai, welcome to the Paperback Guerrillas podcast for mana enhancing kōrero (life-improving conversations). We talk with people from all walks of life to discover tools, strategies, and insights, or even just provoke whakaaro (thoughts), to empower everyday people to turn actions into positive change. We hope this show helps make life better for someone, maybe you. The podcast is proudly Māori run and focused, because that’s a good place to start, and is recorded here in Aotearoa, New Zealand, because this is a beautiful place to be. Regular guests you can expect to hear from, especially in the pukapuka (book) focused episodes, are Pera Barrett from Shoebox Christmas, Te Awanui Reeder from Nesian Mystik, Sam Poananga, Warena Wainohu, David White and others.

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