Uighurs in China

Topics Discussed:

Impeachment Inquiry Public Hearings (02:41)

Bloomber Test Balloon (07:57)

Peter King (09:18)

Bolivia (10:07)

Gilead Sciences (13:05)

Compliment the Other Side (14:20)

Uighurs in China (19:33)

Outside of Politics (41:29)

Recommended Resources:

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The Suit Against Gilead Sciences

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Hire Honor: The Call of Duty Endowment

A Day of Violence in Hong Kong

US Blacklists China AI Startups

In China, Every Day is Kristallnacht

Plight of the Uyghurs

Council of Foreign Relations on the Uyghurs

America’s Consumer Paradise Means Hell on Earth

Xi Jinping and Authoritarianism

Technology and the Uyghurs

Chen Quanguo and Perfecting a Police State in Tibet

Members of the Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security Subcommittee

American Heretics


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