Season 2, Episode 14: The Briefcase - Tough Conversations

In this episode of the Briefcase, we discuss what listeners are teaching us about gender and race in our conversations. 

Since Dante isn't on the episode for this discussion, we wanted to share his sentiments: 


I'm so glad my presence on the show inspired people to reach out to us, both in positive and critical ways. It's helped reaffirm that this show is and will always be about our listeners. I know this because until very recently I was one, and I know how much this show means to me and all of us. I've always learned from our community and will continue to do so to make this the best show it can possibly be. Y'all, never stop bringing that passion because as soon as that stops we've got a much bigger problem than a man crashing the Pantsuit Politics party. Smooches. - Dante. 

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