2020 Candidates, Rachel Held Evans, and Our Journey on LGBTQ Rights

We start by talking about developments in the 2020 field, including the addition of Mark Charles, Kirsten Gillibrand's failure to launch, and security risks exemplified by what happened to Kamala Harris. We also share our heartbreak over the shooting in Virginia Beach and ponder President Trump's state visit to the United Kingdom. 

For Compliment the Other Side, Beth honors the work of Democrats in Connecticut who are working on a new budget package. 

In our main segment, we respond to listener Cody's message about Pride Month. We share our personal journeys in relation to LGBTQ rights and how we got to the positions we hold now.

Finally, we reflect again on the life and legacy of Rachel Held Evans and what an honor it was to be at her funeral this weekend. It was truly a sacred experience and we are so grateful to have known her. We encourage you to take the time to watch the funeral service yourself.

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