The Mind Gut Connection with neuroscientist/gastroenterologist Dr Emeran Mayer

For this episode I am going back to where it all started for me: with gut issues. Diagnosed and plagued with IBS for most of my teenage years, I had no awareness that a lot of what I was experiencing was anxiety manifesting in this way. My tummy issues made me anxious, my anxiety made me have tummy issues. I am joined here by the world renowned author of The Mind Gut Connection, Dr Emeran Mayer. (I wrongly title it the gut brain connection in my intro so apologies for that!) He is not just a gastroenterologist but a neuroscientist too and where these two disciplines overlap, you know there is a lot to be learned. I hope you find this episode helpful and validating. Dr Emeran Mayer's new book is out now, The Gut-Immune Connection.

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