Why your anxiety is so physical + how to get rid of social anxiety for good

I can't write a title long enough to capture all that's in this episode but it is a banger. It is probably one of the most helpful ones I've ever recorded. It's practical, it's back to basics to some degrees and while I set out to talk with an expert about the physical manifestations about anxiety and how to manage those, such as understanding depersonalisation for example, the conversation really wound up being a very essential grounding for understanding the anxiety we experience and then, of course, it's jam packed with really smart and sensible ways to get on top of that anxiety. It's with Dr Harry Barry who I've had on twice before. He's always one of my most listened to guests. He has a new book out, The Power of Connection, which he'll discuss. He also shares what he believes is a surefire way to cure yourself of all social anxiety. The first 15 minutes are dedicated to social anxiety. As an essential add on to this episode, and for a real time way to practice the flooding technique he discusses, I really advise you sign up to my limited library of real time audio guides to help you with anxiety and panic, which I've called Owning It Real Time. Sign up here. I don't often promote my episodes as much as I should but for this one, well if I'd heard it when I was in the throes of anxiety myself, it would have saved me a huge amount of suffering. Bookmark it and come back to it as often as you need. Thanks for listening. 

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