How your environment feeds your anxiety, a neuroscientist explains

My most listened to guest of all time returns: Dr Micheal Keane. We're talking about how our environment - less so about the plants and the clouds, more so technology, social media, news, what we consume - feeds into this collective basal anxiety we probably all experience, even without being fully aware of it. This is such an interesting discussion that makes you think twice. We also hone in on fast fashion and consumerism. Remember Lily Allen's lyrics - I am a weapon of massive consumption, it's not my fault it's how I'm programmed to function'? Well that kind of sums up this episode. Crucially, he offers his expert advice on realigning with your values and moving towards your green circle (calming) to outmanoeuvre the machine. Visit for more on Dr Micheal Keane and follow me on @OwningItPodcast for more.

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