How to Manage Exam Anxiety

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If you are facing into exams - be it your Leaving Certificate, your A Levels, your state exams - anything at all which requires an examination - you will be familiar with anxiety. That feeling of pressure, that so much appears to be riding on this one test. While I can't change the system that sees the way we're educated culminate in one high pressure exam at the end of the year, I can offer tools and techniques to help manage the anxiety that for a lot of us, at some point in life, will be inevitable. These are major life skills that will apply well beyond exam time too. For this I am joined by Mary Bradley. Mary specialises in teen wellbeing. She's been a secondary school teacher for 10 years and is also a trained breathwork and meditation instructor and life coach. Mary works with teenagers to help them push past a variety of challenges in particular exam anxiety. With online workshops and meditation classes Mary helps students sit their exams feeling calm, focused and prepared and she also just has a lovely soothing donegal accent so listening alone will surely downregulate your stress response here.

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