'How holding my breath taught me to live': how this free diver manages anxiety

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This week I am joined by Claire Walsh, bestselling author and free diver. Having watched The Deepest Breath on Netflix, I realised how much we can differ when it comes to finding the thing that helps to downregulate our stress response. For many people, the idea of plunging down into the darkest depths of the sea, in one single breath, without all the breathing paraphernalia would be enough to send them into a state of panic. It is certainly not for everyone and it requires major training and experience and it's high risk but for those who describe themselves as free divers, this activity can be how they manage their stress and anxiety. Here, Irish free diver Claire tells her story and what she's learned from holding her breath in the water which she can apply to her life on dry land.

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For now, enjoy this episode. 

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