Delayed gratification and why it will help your anxiety

Is delayed gratification one of the overlooked secrets to reducing anxiety? Is immediacy culture and present bias fuelling our basal level of daily anxiety? That background hum or fizziness we have grown so used to living with? This week on episode of Owning It, with me Caroline Foran, I'm joined once again by Dr Padraig Walsh, behavioural psychologist, and founder of, as we look to answer these more profound questions about our behaviours in relation to our experience of anxiety. It's in our nature to seek the path of least resistance but overall, but if we can't learn to sit with boredom or discomfort or hold off on doing something that will numb the discomfort, do we contribute more to anxiety? And if that's true, how can we go about working on delayed gratifaction and willpower with the goal of helping our anxiety overall?

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