Barry Bannan's Nannan's Caravan

Would YOU buy Barry Bannan's Nannan's Caravan in the Owls Shop? What is the worst thing you have seen in there?

In this third episode of the podcast for Sheffield Wednesday fans we gloss over the recent transfer window, discuss people who post about Nuhiu on Owlstalk and imagine what Barry Bannan's Nannan's caravan would be like.

Will kirby has launched his new blog about music and food called Beats and Burgers which has sparked a debate about whether meat should be cooked pink.

Critics of the Sheffield Wednesday Kop Band have reared their head again, so what is the solution to this problem?

Jim Phipps has made a comedy post about Sheffield United's Transfer Deadline Day non-dealings. Lemon Pips rhymes with Jim Phipps.

Neil has had a sandwich and it is repeating on him. It is repeating on him. It is repeating on him.

Owlstalkers ask all the big questions, and we fantasise about what it would be like if R Kelly sung the R-Whites lemonade advert jingle.

And of course we revisit the popular Steve's updates thread...

Eff off Bez.

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