The New Club Crest's Pointy Pupils

The Owlstalk Podcast returns for a new episode with more chat about Sheffield Wednesday fans posting on the forums!

SWFC have unveiled a new club crest/badge, which is actually an old design which was never used on a kit and the Owls' fanbase is divided. What can we say about it? Well, it apparently has pointy pupils and a white 'Leeds rose' as uneducated Neil puts it.

The telephone rings just as we go into the right shade of blue and James remembers a time he was thrown out of Hillsborough for saying a new shirt was the wrong shade of blue.

We also try and give an insight into behind the scenes at Owlstalk HQ, including moderator arguments and a fantastic new sweary word invented by Council Owl.

And of course we revisit the popular Steve's updates thread...

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