Outspoken Mental Health - When Beauty and Mental Health Come Together

*Outspoken Mental Health is supported and sponsored by Dermalogica*

In this the final episode of this mini-series of Outspoken Mental Health I'm joined by hair mogul Lee Stafford and Dermalogica's Education Manager Candice Gardner to talk about how the beauty service industry can help with our mental health.
We talk about the scientifically proven power of touch, the positive role that hairdressers/beauticians and aestheticians can play in our lives and why sometimes we need to just have a moment with someone who is outside our family and friend circle.
Recording this episode reminded me that treating ourselves to beauty treatments is about so much more than how we look. Taking time to ourselves with another human treating us like this can genuinely be beneficial to our mental health and so much more.
Lee and Candice have so much experience when it comes to this topic and I can't wait for you to hear their views during the episode.