Outspoken Mental Health - The Things That Are Helping Me

*Outspoken Mental Health is sponsored and supported by Dermalogica*

In this the second episode of this brand new mini-series, I talk you through some of the tools/rituals/actions that have been helping me with my mental health. Some of them I have learnt from therapists, some are plain common sense and others are things that I have discovered along the way.
There is no one size fits all when it comes to mental health but I truly believe that some of the things I talk you through during the episode have helped make a difference for me and that they might just do the same for you.
Please keep this conversation going and know that I'm always there to talk about anything that comes up in this series. DM me anytime @Outspokenbeautynicola.
Thanks again to Dermalogica for helping me to get this conversation out there.