Royal Scents, Scandalous Portraits & Sports Car Club With Penhaligons

This episode is in partnership with @Penhaligons

In this quintessentially British adventure the amazing Suzy Nightingale and I explore Penhaligon's royal connections, scandalous Portraits and Sports Car Club launch. Prepare for scented snippets throughout history, the Bridgerton like characters who make up the dazzling Portrait collection and rev your engine for the most sublime (limited edition) fragrance and its regal launch at Blenheim Palace.
As we explore these fragrances with tantalising stories, we'll be accompanied by a thoroughly regal and atmospheric soundtrack. So prepare to dive into a collection of fragrances whose historic influences never detract from their thrilling modernity.

Here's what we mention:

Blenheim Bouquet
Hammam Bouquet
Elizabethan Rose
The Favourite
The Coveted Duchess Rose
The Tragedy of Lord George
Revenge of Lady Blanche
Much Ado About the Duke
Sports Car Club