Dr Shirin Lakhani - From Aesthetics to Hormones to Incontinence

In this episode I welcome the brilliant and multi-talented Dr and aesthetic practitioner Dr Shirin Lakhani.
Dr Shirin, who can is the founder of Elite Aesthetics, has a special interest in urology and hormones, stemming from her days as a medical dr. She brings this to her aesthetic patients, meaning that when you see her she can guide you in many ways and give you a true 360.
During the episode we chat about the effect that social media filters can have on us, why incontinence should never be a taboo and we should never be scared to come forward and seek the help we deserve. We also chat about the importance of being aware of hormonal changes and again knowing when to ask for help.
I hope you enjoy this episode and feel empowered to demand the very best for you and your health.