Dr Julie Smith - Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

In this episode I have the pleasure of speaking to psychologist Dr Julie Smith.
Julie has made it her mission to spread her knowledge of mental health to the masses and her incredibly popular TikTok account (which now has over 3 million followers) has become a hub for useful nuggets of wisdom that are helping so many people.
During the episode we talk about Dr Julie's views on mental health and focus in on her new book "Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?"
Throughout her book Julie provides brilliant support and tips to help us overcome a number of issues including grief, fear, relationships, depression and so much more. During the episode we chat through some of the challenges that so many of us experience and Julie gives sensible and achievable advice whilst talking honestly about some of her own personal issues.
Dr Julie is doing great things in the mental health sphere and I hope that you enjoy getting to know her. Her book is available on Amazon and is a brilliant and relatable read.