Matilda Velevitch - The People Behind The Numbers

In this episode I get to know playwright and artist Matilda Velevitch. Matilda works with the charity Care4Calais and helps many refugees and in this episode we talk about what she has learnt and about the reality of their situation.
We focus in on what it means to be a female refugee, lose your dignity and experience challenges that many of us couldn't even dream of. Matilda also reveals some truly shocking details about some of the things that are happening to refugees under our very noses in this country.
Amongst the extreme challenges that these people are facing is also a story of humanity and laughter and a coming together of women plus how you might be able to help.
I realise that this isn't a beauty related episode but after getting to know Matilda and hearing the story of some of the refugees that she's worked with, it's one that I had to publish. I always say that beauty starts important conversations and this really is a conversation that needs having.
If you'd like to help Care4Calais here's the link to their website: