Hannah Martin - The Journey To Makeup Success

I can't tell you how excited I am about this episode. Hannah Martin has been on my list of coveted guests for so long and she did not disappoint. This is the story of ambition, hard graft and what it feels like to be one of the most successful makeup artists in the world.
Hannah who has made up some of the most famous faces around, including doing Kate Middleton's wedding makeup, is one of the most lovely, fun and down to earth women who has also worked her socks off to get where she is today.
We talk about her career journey from a love of the stage to where she is today. We also chat about the thrill (and intensity) of working backstage at Fashion Week, the multi-faceted and often supportive role of a makeup artist and we have a great time chatting about the products that Hannah loves. We also talk about Hannah's success on social media and how it compares to life as a makeup artist.
Enjoy getting to know Hannah. She's an utter ray of sunshine and a true inspiration.