The Sleep Geek: Sleep Advice Without the BS

In this episode I chat to the brilliant James Wilson aka The Sleep Geek. James is a Sleep Behaviour and Environment Expert. As someone who himself suffered from insomnia, James is on a mission to demystify sleep issues and get to the bottom of why we struggle to sleep and what can REALLY help us.
James is not one for airy fairy advice and magical remedies, but works with cold, hard facts about why sleep can be hard and the importance of understanding what kind of sleepers we are to work out what we need as individuals.
James is so refreshing. I love his down to earth advice and the pressure he takes off those of us who worry about lack of sleep.
During the episode he mentions:
Unikbed Mattresses and their Aero pillow
Alpaca fleece duvets from Penrose
AllBamboo bedding (great for eczema and allergies)
Lavitex pillows.