Old, Borrowed and New With Bryony Blake - Episode 10

*The first part of this episode is in collaboration with Parfumado*
This episode starts with me and fragrance journalist extraordinaire Suzy Nightingale reviewing the brilliant fragrance service Parfumado (@uk.parfumado.com). Parfumado have a library of over 450 scents and you can pick a new one to try each month for £12.95. From niche to luxury to classic to fragrances that even Suzy hasn't heard of, they really do have a great collection. If you fancy subscribing, head to uk.parfumado.com and receive a 50% discount on your first month with discount code OUTSPOKEN50.
Next it's time for the delectable Bryony Blake to join me for our fortnightly dose of gossip, giggles and a big celebration of the beauty products that we're rating. Bryony gives some great makeup tips too.
Enjoy :0)