Sahara Lotti and Dita Von Teese: Outspoken Beauty X Lashify

*This episode is in partnership with Lashify*

I have been brimming with excitement about this episode. It was a first for me in that I recorded it in my car when I was on holiday in France and I could not believe that the tech actually worked!

During the podcast I get to know Sahara Lotti who is an actress, film script writer and the founder of Lashify which is in my opinion one of the most innovative lash companies on the market. (More on that in a moment).
Sahara chats about her life as an entrepreneur, striving for perfection, why she chose not to have children and also gives a lot of life wisdom that I have really taken away with me.
I then go on to chat to Dita Von Teese who has gone from huge fan of Lashify to being an ambassador because she loves them so much. We talk lashes, what beauty means to her, why her image is important and she also shares some brilliant beauty tips.
These two women are so feisty and strong and yet not afraid to show their vulnerabilities. I hope that you get as much out of this episode as I have.

As for Lashify, as you'll hear, Sahara wanted to give women who are tired of lash extensions another lash health friendly and more affordable option. These lashes are beautiful, the application method is totally original and best of all, if applied correctly, they really do last. (It takes a few goes to master the application but they give you a free education session and there are loads of lessons online. Once you master it, you won't look back). I'll give more info on the podcast and if you do decide you'd like to purchase them then I have a code for Outspoken Beauty Panellists. DM me if you'd like to join the club xx