Dr Sam Bunting: Acne 101

In this special episode in partnership with Dr Sam Bunting we discuss acne and the best ways to deal with it. Sam as ever shares brilliant, no nonsense advice (and has me giggling because I made her record the podcast under a blanket....listen to find out why ;0)
Later in the episode we talk about Sam's brand new skincare hero which is called Flawless Neutralising Gel. It's a product that directly targets acne and blemishes and Sam chats about the work that has gone into it and why it's one of her favourite products in her range.
Finally, we hear from two Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panellists, both of whom suffer from acne and have been trialling not only the new Neutralising Gel but the entire Dr Sam Skincare System for 6 weeks. We hear their honest reviews and find out how their acne is doing.
If you'd like to join the panel email me nicola@outspokenbeauty.co.uk and I'll send a form over.
Sam's Neutralising Gel is available for £28 at drsambunting.com.