Marie Spannhake

Marie was 18 years old when she went missing, she was last seen wearing a sweater and blue jeans. She and her fiance had gone to an indoor flea market at Eagles Hall in Chico, CA, on January 31, 1976. It was there that an argument ensued between the two. Marie decided that she was going to go home, before leaving the market she stopped to ask for directions as she wasn’t very familiar with the area. Marie would then set out alone, on foot, walking down the side of a Chico street. That would be the last time anyone ever saw Marie again. That is until a lady comes forward years later with a crazy story about abduction, rape, torture, and murder. Join us on this episode as we discuss this case fully, with narration performed by Justin Rimmel. Visit us online at You can support our show at Follow and interact with us: Twitter - @TheShadowsPod Facebook - @TheShadowsPod Instagram - @TheShadowsPod Join in on the discussion on our private facebook group: Out of the Shadows Discussion Group

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