'Septic Tank Sam'

{American Crimecast Archived Episode} April 13, 1977 - Tofield, Alberta, Canada. Charlie and his wife Mavis McLeod decided today they will start installing a new septic tank on their rural property. The sky was clear, the sun was bright, and the temperature was a warm 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit - a perfect day for such a project. Until they find human remains in the old septic tank. **DISCLAIMER: This episode features graphic detail that may not be suited for all audiences. Listener discretion is strongly advised.** Visit us online at ShadowsPod.com Check out Shane's True Crime blog 'My Journey into Darkness' at ShadowsPod.com/TCBlog You can support our show at Patreon.com/TheShadowsPod Follow and interact with us: Twitter - @TheShadowsPod Facebook - @TheShadowsPod Instagram - @TheShadowsPod Join in on the discussion on our private facebook group: Out of the Shadows Discussion Group Sponsorship: Ziprecruiter.com/Shadows

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