Sister Cathy, Part 15.1 : Bombshell - The Man in the Trench Coat [Part 1]

Part 1: I’ve seen it before, a cold case stays unsolved until someone comes forward with information they thought was unimportant. It’s an important lesson to learn - if you know anything, no matter how insignificant and small you think it may be, it may be an important piece to the larger puzzle. We have thought for a long time that surely Cathy’s friend and roommate Sister Russell must have known of the abuse at Keough - and wondered if they ever told the police. Now - we have a first hand eye witness account of the man in the trench coat.

Join Gemma Hoskins and Shane Waters as they continue the conversation that Netflix's Docu-Series "The Keepers" shared with the world in 2017. Although Gemma and many people you hear from were featured in the Docu-Series; This production is not affiliated with Netflix. Join us for discussion on our facebook group 'Out of the Shadows Discussion Group' - you can submit questions or topics you'd like us to explore by joining this group or emailing us ( Support our show on Patreon by going to Twitter:​ @theshadowspod GoFundMe for Survivors : Sponsor : Sponsor : enter PROMO code SHADOWS50 for 50% off! You can find our show and ALL episodes by smartphone app 'Himalaya' - search for it in the Google Play store or iTunes store then follow us! Checkout our website :

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