Sister Cathy, Part 13.5 : Behind the Mic

This special episode features hosts Shane and Gemma discussing the details that have led them here. We will return on January 8th with an interview with Jean (aka Jane Doe) and Ryan White (director) of Netflix's Docu-Series 'The Keepers'.

Join Gemma Hoskins and Shane Waters as they continue the conversation that Netflix's Docu-Series "The Keepers" shared with the world in 2017. Although Gemma and many people you hear from were featured in the Docu-Series; This production is not affiliated with Netflix. Join us for discussion on our facebook group 'Out of the Shadows Discussion Group' - you can submit questions or topics you'd like us to explore by joining this group or emailing us ( Support our show on Patreon by going to Follow us on Facebook at Twitter:​ @theshadowspod GoFundMe for Survivors :

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