Redhead Murders, Part 8: Where it All Started

Shane discusses the very first victim thought to be linked to the Redhead Murders found in Wetzel County, West Virginia. Also in on the discussion is grass roots amateur investigator featured on Netflix's Docu-Series 'The Keepers' - Gemma Hoskins, along with Kayla Vandeventer who was a student in Teacher Alex's high school sociology class featured previously in the series. Could a trucker navigate the winding road this Jane Doe was found off of? Could this victim be related although she was older than all the others? With numerous female victims, this series of murders remains an unsolved murder mystery. Join host and investigative podcaster, Shane Waters, alongside Netflix's Docu-Series 'The Keepers' grassroots investigator Gemma Hoskins as they explore this forgotten serial killer case. Check out our website to learn more at You can support the show by going to Join in on the discussion: Twitter: @TheShadowsPod Facebook: Facebook Discussion: "Out of the Shadows Discussion Group" Instagram: @TheShadowsPod Visit our interactive map on the Redhead Murders at Sponsors: ZipRecruiter - HIMS (Hairloss) - HIMS (ED) -

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