Coffee & Crime Book Club

Sample episode of our new Coffee & Crime Book Club!

This is not a your normal book club... I am going to partner with Crime/Mystery Authors to bring these books to our club - each time we pick a new book I will be giving copies away (Even signed copies!) THEN at the end of the book I will interview the author asking them questions you have AND discussing the details behind the book. 

If you thought "This couldn't get more unique and cooler Shane!"... just WAIT! I am going to be reading the book to you! We will be utilizing the podcast app/website Himalaya so TWICE WEEKLY I will be releasing to club members episodes that will consist of a casual read of of the book... and we will keep going until the entire book is finished! I won't only be reading the book - I will be brewing my favorite coffee and reacting and discussing what I am reading throughout the episode. At the beginning of each new read I will summarize what we have read so far. Then... once we finish the book we will have the Author on for a discussion!

On the Himalaya app we will also have our own small community - we can make posts here discussing the book. This will make it super easy to discuss and throw around questions/comments. 

To join the book club there will be a monthly cost of $9.99 - this money will be benefiting the podcast AND the Survivors' Fund! ALSO you will have access to ALL Shadows episodes up to 2 days early and completely Ad free. 

To sign up you can access the Himalaya app from either a computer/smartphone/tablet by going here: ... Make sure you click to subscribe to the show and get automatic downloads of episodes so whenever new Club episodes are made each week you can jump on and listen in! 

(All books we cover in the Book Club will be done with the Author's written permission)

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