When should Odell Beckham Jr. go in your draft? And other Browns fantasy football talk

On this Thursday Orange and Brown Talk podcast from cleveland.com, Doug Lesmerises is joined by Scott Spratt of Football Outsiders to talk about fantasy football in general, but especially how it relates to the Browns.

  • Can Baker Mayfield be drafted as a starting fantasy quarterback?
  • When is the right time to pick Odell Beckham Jr. in your draft?
  • What's the right way to view the Nick Chubb-Kareem Hunt RB combo from a fantasy perspective?
  • Are any Browns tight ends worth watching as fantasy prospects?
  • What effect might an improved Browns defense have on Browns offensive fantasy players?

Plus, there's some discussion of rookie QBs across the league, QB drafting strategy and more. Thanks for listening to Orange and Brown Talk.

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