The Marcus Mariota Baker Mayfield Option: Bringing in a veteran as a hedge

It's Part 2 of the Mayfield Matrix as the Orange and Brown Talk crew looks at another way the Browns could handle their QB situation. What if the Browns brought in a veteran as a hedge, another QB who has started and could be a backup to Mayfield but also be ready to take over in 2022 if things don't go well? It would be a quarterback with more upside than Case Keenum, but not a QB who is so good he would demand to start in Cleveland.
The example here is what the Tennessee Titans did with Marcus Mariota when they brought him back as the starter again in Year 5 in 2019 without an extension, like the Browns are doing with Mayfield, and then added Ryan Tannehill in a trade. The long-time starter in Miami, Tannehill backed up Mariota in camp, but the Titans turned to him to start in Game 7 and then went on a run to the playoffs and onto the AFC Championship Game.
Should the Browns consider adding a Tannehill type player? And if so, what potentially available veterans could fit that mold?
Doug Lesmerises, Dan Labbe, Ashley Bastock, Scott Patsko and Mary Kay Cabot break that all down. Thanks for listening to the Orange and Brown Talk Podcast from
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