The 6 things Kevin Stefanski does best, and is Olivier Vernon helping Myles Garrett? Gotta Watch The Tape -- An Orange and Brown Talk Special Edition

It's the Tuesday Gotta Watch The Tape, where two major topics around the Cleveland Browns are dissected with numbers and film. Doug Lesmerises, Scott Patsko and Ellis Williams bring you this pod twice a week in the Orange and Brown Talk feed, every Tuesday and Friday during the season.

First up this week is Scott Patsko on Olivier Vernon. What kind of production are the Browns getting from the defensive end who plays opposite Myles Garrett? How does it affect how teams plan for Garrett? What does it mean for the Browns' pass rush against Pittsburgh this week?

Then it's Ellis Williams on Kevin Stefanski. Is he a difference-making head coach yet? What are the six areas where Ellis thinks Stefanski is really standing out so far? How is it going with Stefanski calling his own plays as a first-year head coach?

It's two more great deep dives, as you get every time on Gotta Watch The Tape. Thanks again for joining us.


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