How the Cleveland Browns gained ground on the Baltimore Ravens this offseason: Gotta Watch The Tape

On this Gotta Watch The Tape, Scott Patsko, Ellis Williams and Doug Lesmerises start moving through Browns opponents and analyzing them through a Cleveland lens. First up, the Baltimore Ravens.

Scott examines the Baltimore defense, what the Ravens lost in their pass rush in free agency, what they still do well on the back end, and what to expect from Baker Mayfield in handling Baltimore's blitzing in 2021.

Then Ellis Williams looks at the Baltimore offense and the signings of offensive lineman Kevin Zeitler and receiver Sammy Watkins. Is the Baltimore offensive line trending up or down? Is Watkins the kind of receiver that will actually help out Lamar Jackson? And how much better equipped are the Browns to deal with Jackson throwing in the middle of the field after their offseason additions?

What Baltimore does always matters in Cleveland, and you'll know much more about that after this Gotta Watch The Tape from


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