How the Browns' run game has improved from last season: Gotta Watch The Tape

On this episode of Gotta Watch The Tape in the Orange and Brown Talk feed, Scott Patsko and Doug Lesmerises break down the Browns' run game. Scott explains how the Browns have actually improved in a lot of ways running the ball this season. What formations are they using? How are they balancing Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt? Why did Kevin Stefanski run the ball on third-and-9 at the end of last week's loss?

Before that deep drive, Ellis Williams says a goodbye to Gotta Watch The Tape as he moves on from So come listen to that farewell. But Scott and Doug will continue Gotta Watch The Tape, with some new film breakdown people likely to join the pod in the future. And Scott has some numbers on the Browns-Arizona Cardinals matchup this week.

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