Hey, Mary Kay! How does Jadeveon Clowney change the Browns' draft strategy?

Tuesday brings another Hey, Mary Kay! edition of the podcast. Mary Kay Cabot answered questions from our Football Insider subscribers.

Here are the questions she answered:

  • Why should the Browns sign Jadeveon Clowney? (1:05)
  • Does Clowney help the Browns contain Lamar Jackson? (4:40)
  • How do the Browns make the money work with Clowney? (5:36)
  • If Clowney signs with the Browns, where would you rank them in the AFC? (10:33)
  • If another team signs Clowney, what moves can the Browns make to improve their edge defense? (11:53)
  • If the Browns make a deal with Clowney, does it change the position they focus on in the draft? (12:47)
  • Could the Browns take a receiver in the first or second round? (16:27)
  • How do the Browns balance drafting depth vs. maximizing talent or trading high picks for established talent? (18:32)
  • Why not still target a pass rusher at No. 26 even if you sign Clowney? (20:17)
  • Are Andrew Berry and Kevin Stefanski the right guys to lead the Browns to the promised land? (21:44)
  • What kind of trade offer would it take for you to part with Odell Beckham Jr.? (25:18)
  • Do you foresee a problem with the Browns being able to afford all their extensions without cutting other assets? (28:17)
  • How important was Case Keenum to Baker Mayfield's development last year? (30:20)
  • Are the Browns better off saving money for rollover space instead of signing one-year deals? (31:17)
  • Will we see full stadiums in 2021? (32:52)

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