Could Sheldon Richardson really land back in Cleveland? Hey, Mary Kay!

Tuesday brings the latest edition of the Hey, Mary Kay! Orange and Brown Talk. Mary Kay answers questions from our Football Insider subscribers including:

Do you expect Sheldon Richardson to be back with the Browns? (1:02)

Is what we saw with Richardson how business will be conducted moving forward? (3:58)

How concerned should Browns fans be about the salary cap longterm? (5:31)

With all the contract extensions coming up, how will the Browns cap space end up? Is the window of contention small? (7:43)

Should the Browns trade mid-round picks this year for higher picks in the future? (13:12)

Is the Browns' biggest need at outside cornerback? (14:48)

Will Andrew Berry make an aggressive move up for a player in the draft? (17:48)

What positions do you value most? (21:26)

Is Joe Woods the right coach to take this defense to the next level? (25:21)

Will Wyatt Teller get extended? (26:49)

Has slot corner become more valuable? (27:27)

Who will be the leaders on the Browns' defense? (29:05)

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