Can Baker Mayfield make Pittsburgh's defense pay, and the great Jack Conklin-T.J Watt duel: Gotta Watch The Tape -- An Orange and Brown Talk Special Edition

It's a big preview of the Browns vs. Pittsburgh on Sunday, as Scott Patsko and Ellis Williams, along with Doug Lesmerises, dig into two big Browns issues on Gotta Watch The Tape in the Orange and Brown Talk feed. This is you numbers and film deep dive from that comes to you every Tuesday and Friday. On this episode:

-- Ellis Williams looks at Baker Mayfield's two very different halves against Indianapolis last week and tells you what that means for how the Steelers will defend the Browns this week. If Pittsburgh goes with more man-to-man looks, can Mayfield make the Steelers pay with some big plays to Odell Beckham and others?

-- Scott Patsko looks at the Pittsburgh pass rush and the investment the Browns made at tackle to try to handle a game like this. Steelers star edge rusher T.J. Watt, who has been as productive as Myles Garrett this season, should be lined up over Browns right tackle and major free agent signing Jack Conklin for most of the game. If Conklin can hold off Watt, and the Browns can deal with the Pittsburgh blitz, the Browns offense could put up enough points to win a high-scoring game.

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