Browns lose to the Patriots postgame, and diving into what's wrong on both sides of the ball

The Browns were blown out by New England on Sunday, 45-7, and on this postgame Orange and Brown Talk Podcast, Dan Labbe, Ashley Bastock, Scott Patsko, Mary Kay Cabot and Doug Lesmerises dive into all of it.

It's a half hour on the Browns offense to start the pod and a half hour on the Browns defense to finish the pod.

Why didn't the Browns complete any pass more than 10 yards down the field? What are the current feelings on Baker Mayfield? Is Kevin Stefanski too worried about efficiency?

On the defensive side, should the Browns blitz more? Are they getting enough out of their free agent signings? What's Myles Garrett saying about losses, and should be be saying that?

There was a lot wrong with the Browns, which leaves a lot to discuss. Thanks for joining us.

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