A Ronnie Harrison interception that shows why the Browns should draft Zaven Collins: Gotta Watch The Tape

On this Gotta Watch The Tape in the Orange and Brown Talk feed, it's time to break down another 2020 play to talk about the 2021 Cleveland Browns. In this episode, Ellis Williams leads the way and Scott Patsko and Doug Lesmerises join in to talk about a Ronnie Harrison pick-six against Philip Rivers and the Indianapolis Colts from last season. The play came from an effective personnel package on third-and-four, as the Browns had five defensive backs and three defensive ends in the game. What did it tell us about what defensive coordinator Joe Woods wants to do and what kind of players he needs to do it? How often should the Browns play three ends at once? Do the Browns have the safety options they need? And is there an ideal option in the 2021 draft to give them a needed three-down linebacker?

Thanks for diving in with Ellis, Scott and Doug on Gotta Watch The Tape from cleveland.com.


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