Larger Than Life

Our special guest this episode is Los Angeles Times business reporter Daniel Miller host of the amazing podcast series “Larger Than Life”. From LA Times Studios, the team behind “Dirty John” and “Man in the Window,” comes “Larger Than Life,” a docu-series about Big Willie Robinson, a 6-foot-6, muscle-bound street racer who preached peace a quarter-mile at a time. Cops and criminals, movie stars and miscreants, even Crips and Bloods — out at the drag strip, Big Willie could get them all to see eye to eye, easing tensions and making L.A. a safer and more unified place.

In this episode I got to learn about Daniel, we get his podcasters picks and of course we get into his dope show 'Larger Than Life' 

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This episode was mixed by Mark Byrd

Music for this episode was produced by Richie Quake

This episode was edited by Bradley Nayman

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