Our special guest this episode is Dr. Will Cole, host of the amazing podcast ‘goopfellas’. On 'goopfellas', two friends who have become familiar with unlikely personal transformations have raw conversations with people who have experienced profound shifts in perspective and well-being. Together Dr.Will Cole and co-host chef Seamus Mullen get at the catalysts that bring people out of their dark night and into their purpose. From the lessons they learned along the way, you’ll find something you need to bring about a change, big or small, in your own life.

In this episode we get to learn more about Dr. Will Cole, we chat about his book ‘The Inflamation Spectrum’, we get his podcasters picks and of course we get into his dope show ‘goopfellas’. 

This episode was mixed by Sicksentz

Music for this episode was produced by Richie Quake.


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