Episode 4: Alison Steadman

Actress Alison Steadman sits down with Marie Curie bereavement expert Jason Davidson to explore her experiences of death and grief.

If you'd prefer, you can read a full transcript of the episode.

On the Marie Curie Couch is a podcast that aims to open up conversations about death, break down the taboo and encourage people to share their end-of-life plans.

This podcast is made by Marie Curie – the UK’s leading charity providing care for people at the end of their lives. For more interesting perspectives on dying and death, head to mariecurie.org.uk/talkabout. You'll also find resources and support to help you start the conversation with your family and friends.

On the Marie Curie Couch is produced and edited by Marie Curie, with support from Ultimate Sound and Vision. The music featured is Time Lapse by PanOceanic. 

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