As Election 2019 gets more intense and even more unpleasant, Phillip Lee and Sam Gyimah head into West London for a drink with a true heavyweight of the Lib Dems – Sir Vince Cable, former leader of the party, Secretary of State for Business, outgoing Twickenham MP and light-footed ballroom dancing legend. What wisdom can he impart to these two new Lib Dem candidates? 
Plus: Who’s having the worst General Election campaign so far: the Conservatives or Labour? 
Have the Lib Dems finally shaken off the burden of the Coalition? Just how volatile is the electorate? And is Boris Johnson the election winner that the Conservatives think he is?
“People can see Johnson is a rogue,” says Vince. “Once people see they’re being offered two fairly unattractive options, I think they’ll turn to us in numbers.” 
Special thanks to the wonderful staff of The Prince in West Brompton for looking after us. Splendid drinks and excellent street food on the doorstep of the constituency Sam hopes to win in December (we recommend the rosemary fries from onsite burger vendor Patty & Bun). 
Audio production by Alex Rees. Producer: Andrew Harrison. Theme music: ‘The Wind-Up’ by Brian Lipps, under licence from ON THE HOUSE is a Podmasters production.
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