JOHNSON TRIGGERS THE BLAME GAME with The Observer's Will Hutton

The pint after Parliament podcast returns with special guest WILL HUTTON – Observer columnist, Principal of Hertford College at Oxford and tribune of Keynesianism – joining MPs Phillip Lee and Sam Gyimah to gaze in amazement at the latest week in politics. 
Is there anyone around who believes that Boris Johnson’s arcane buffer zone scheme isn’t just a fake solution designed to be rejected by the EU? Are the EU just being polite with Britain – and for how long? Will Parliament even get to vote on Johnson’s one-sided “deal”? And if Johnson isn’t really the Pep Guardiola of politics, then which footballer is he?
Plus, Will talks some serious systemic economics with our regulars. Are we on the brink of the actual, for-real reset in Capitalism that we’ve been told was coming for years? What’s gone wrong with the Officer Class and why has Britain become so awful at producing decent leaders? Is there anything left of Toryism in the free-spending modern Conservative Party? Who is Will “certain” will win the 2020 US Presidential Election? Plus, hear Sam and Phillip blush as Will praises their courage for sticking to their principles.
“Be in no doubt, Johnson knows this idea might bring the DUP and the Europhobes behind him – but it can’t be accepted by Ireland or the European Union. We’re down to the blame game.”
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