EXTINCTION REBELLION: Panic or practical politics? With guest Sarah Lunnon

There’s much more happening in politics this week than can be contained within the walls of the Houses of Parliament. As the radical climate change movement Extinction Rebellion stages disruptive protests all over the world, MPs Sam Gyimah and Phillip Lee share a drink with one of its spokespeople, former Green councillor Sarah Lunnon, about what makes the Rebellion run.
Can idealism and practical politics come together? Is there a sweet spot between XR’s demands for an emergency carbon crash-course that will totally transform society, and people’s immediate needs? Do emergencies make for dangerous leadership? How does Sarah rate the Lib Dems’ environmental record? And if climate change affects all of us, how do we harness our confused politics to focus on it? All this plus your favourite Boris Johnson/Donald Trump nightmares… and what our panel will be up to over the weekend.
Recorded by Noa Lessof Gendler, post-production by Alex Rees. Theme music: ‘The Wind-Up’ by Brian Lipps, under licence from premiumbeat.com. ON THE HOUSE is a Podmasters production.
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