SCIENCE FRICTION with guest Mike Galsworthy

It’s a one-to-one pint after Parliament this week. Mike Galsworthy – Final Say vote champion, founder of Scientists For EU and rock star of Remain – joins Phillip Lee for a drink, a political head-to-head on what a Brexit election means for the NHS and science policy… and the obligatory ton of dry-roast peanuts. 
This week: The car-crash of Conservative Campaign Week One. How Brexit really could put Britain at the back of the queue for vital new drug launches – and cost us an extra £10bn. Will the country buy a spending splurge from the main parties or the Lib Dems’ Remain bonus? And how the single rudest MP that Phillip ever encountered is now his election opponent in Wokingham: the hard Brexiter John Redwood. 
“People who are hard up and resentful of the world around them, often rightly so, they care about who has their back,” says Mike. “Nurses, doctors, the police… these people have their back. We need to convince people that science has their back.”
Hold tight, regular listeners. Sam Gyimah will be back next week. 
Audio production by Alex Rees. Producer: Andrew Harrison. Theme music: ‘The Wind-Up’ by Brian Lipps, under licence from ON THE HOUSE is a Podmasters production.
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