PROROGUE’S GALLERY with special guest Stephen Doughty MP

“UTTERLY EXTRAORDINARY AND DEEPLY SHAMEFUL”: Parliament is back but the Prime Minister and his lieutenants’ vicious opening performance left the country completely aghast. On their latest pints-after-politics podcast, MPs Sam Gyimah and Phillip Lee plus special guest Stephen Doughty (Labour/Co-Op MP for Cardiff South and Penarth) give their honest and unvarnished eyewitness account of this, the most unpleasant and shameful display in the Commons in recent memory.
What was the Government trying to achieve? What on earth happened with Geoffrey Cox, the Attorney General? And what will the consequences be? “[This week] was a crossing of the line that I’ve never, ever seen,” says Stephen Doughty. “Johnson’s response was utterly extraordinary and deeply shameful.”
Plus: How was Stephen the first MP to discover that Operation Prorogue was actually under way? (Wait til you hear who he rang and what Rees-Mogg thought about it). How is No.10 politicising the police? Do we have a government or a permanent election campaign? Will there even be that Queen’s Speech we were told is so important? Oh, and how does pro-Final Say MP Stephen feel about the Labour Conference’s decision to stick with their inscrutable Brexit policy? Smart politics, stitch-up or something else…? 
“Boris Johnson is now a do nothing, break everything Prime Minister.” – Sam Gyimah
Recorded at the Blue Boar, Westminster. Audio production by Alex Rees. Produced by Andrew Harrison. ON THE HOUSE is a Podmasters production.
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