As Boris Johnson edges his Brexit Deal a bit further than Theresa May did – but not much – MPs Sam Gyimah and Phillip Lee lift the lid on the tatty trade-offs that had to happen in Parliament for Johnson to claim a victory. They’re joined by special guest IAN DUNT of politics.co.uk and the Remainiacs podcast for an uncut look at the underbelly of Parliamentary politics. 
Why does passing the Deal mean more – and worse – squabbling over Brexit than we’ve already got? How are Conservative and Labour MPs deceiving themselves? Why does Macron’s hardman posturing on Brexit add up to bad politics at home in France as well as on the European stage? Is the Deal just a trapdoor to No Deal? Can Ian persuade Sam and Phillip to start reading comic books? And just how many packets of Nobby’s Nuts can these guys consume? 
All this and the Ghost of Ramsay MacDonald too. Listen up. You don’t get political discussion like this on Radio 4. 
“This government knows how to come up with pithy one-liners and hashtags – but it’s no way to govern a country.” 
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